Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

THE spate of killings and the orgy of evil pervading the land, especially at the twilight of this regime, has become a painful riddle waiting to be unravelled.

Families have been wantonly decimated by daredevil assassins masquerading in various appendages.

And the fiery critic, journalist and ‘revolutionist’ , Omoyole Sowore, has just received his emotional dosage of sorrow having recently lost his immediate younger brother, Olajide Sowore, to the ravaging Fulani herdsmen.

The naked truth is that when tragedy falls some meters away from us, it is easily dismissable as one of Nigeria’s new normal. But it is a different thing altogether when it affects someone close to us.

It is on the basis of this that one can understand the agony, pain and disillusion going on in the mind of Omoyele Sowore, right now. It is one death too close; the exit of a childhood acquaintance and a bloodline.

But Nigerians are a funny lot. While some are sharing in the grief that befell Buhari’s fiercest critic, others are quick to gloat that Sowore do not deserve less, as he was a better part of the collective canon folder, used to blindfold Nigerians to bring in this present sore on our right thumb.

In the days of General Abacha, a similar calamity fell on an erstwhile fiery critic of the past military junta, until he decided to dine with the devil and rode on the tiger. Chief Olu Onagoruwa lost his son painfully in mysterious circumstances. He never recovered from it.

But the reality of the Nigerian security situation today transcends individual tragedies. It calls for a unified voice and reason against those who swore to an oath to protect us. May their likes never come our way again.

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