DG Flees Office As Union Pickets DLA **Igbini Accused Of Fraud, May Face EFCC Probe
Aggrieved DLA workers chanting solidarity song @ the DLA premises in Asaba
Aggrieved DLA workers chanting solidarity song @ the DLA premises in Asaba

The Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical And Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) has Picketed the offices of the Direct Labour Agency (DLA) in Asaba.

The DLA chapter of the Union has accused the Director General, Mr. Emmanuel Edafe Igbini of fraud and appealed to the state Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan to urgently sack him.

When Blank NEWS Online visited the premises of the DLA in Asaba, the gates were securely locked with a warning: “Industrial Action In Progress!!! No Entry -By Order”

A reliable source hinted Blank NEWS Online that the aggrieved worker and union members chased the indicted DG, Emmanuel Igbini out out of office, while another said he narrowly escaped being beaten up as a result of his insistence to stay in office but was whisked away by some DLA personnel.

Igbini is alleged to have misappropriated huge sums of money released by the state government for the purchase of equipment and road maintenance across the state.

A dependable source told Blank NEWS Online that, “He approves, he buys and sell alone. When he assumed office, he inherited over N1bn (One Billion naira) cash, aside equipment and he lied to the state government that he used the monies for the repairs of equipment.

“But now, over N2bn (Two Billion naira) given to him by Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan for road intervention and maintenance is now being used by him to purchase scraps to make quick wealth…

According to the Chairman of AUPCTRE in the DLA, Comrade Ifeanyi Chukwurah, “DLA is a Delta state intervention agency on road maintenance but the DG has no respect for constituted institutions and due process which is supposed to be the watchword of every government establishment.

The various placards on display also read: “DLA is a parastatal of government and not a family business, therefore due process must be obeyed”, “Igbini not fit to manage staff facilities”, “EFCC come and investigate Igbini. He must not go unpunished”, “We now know why Igbini was sacked from ELF as junior staff over 13 years ago”, “Igbini! Reactionary Comrade, who appointed you made a great mistake”, “Gov. Uduaghan, pls replace Igbini now to save DLA”.

Despite the efforts of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Labour Relations asd former state chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Mike Okeme and others, the workers insisted on going on with its industrial actions until the sack of the indicted DG.

All attempts by Blank NEWS Online to reach the DG of DLA was unsuccessful, just as it was disclosed that he had been directed not to speak yet on the issue.

Engr. Emmanuel Edafe Igbini, a former Chairman of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in Delta State contested against Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan in 2007 and during the Court of Appeal-ordered rerun in the state, until his appointment in form of compensation on August 10, 2011 by Governor Uduaghan.


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  1. He is a desperate thief who claimed to have submitted to EFFC when he was without job and living on the benevolence of friends and relatives.He may not need to submit to EFFC now because EFFC now have a thousand and one reason to fish him out.With over 2.6 billion misappropriated by him I wonder why we should be begging EFFC to bring him to book.

  2. i wonder why somebody who claimed to have voluntarily submitted to EFCC should be scared of following due process in a government parastatal.Do EFFC probe jobless people who are living on charity?Who does he want to fool by such frivolous claims?What about the numerous family members that are being paid salaries as PAs and placed on permanent night allowances while residing in the comfort of their homes?what about the intense heat that DLA staff are subjected to under the guise of saving money by shutting down the generator that has been in use long before he assumed the office of DG?What about the allowances of the innocent staff of DLA that he seized and added to increase his own allowance to six hundred thousand monthly besides his salary as DG?What about the numerous inflated LPOs awarded to himself daily for purchases of various items ranging from construction materials to construction equipment most of which the agency do not have need of?What about exhuming dead and condenmed equipment from the junk yard of various construction companies and claiming to have bought them at a price that could conveniently purchase a new equipment?The least is endless but does all of these befit the towering status of somebody who claimed to be the only honest Deltan?

  3. How did he find his way into such an exalted position as a sacked junior staff of ELF?We understand he wears coverall about trying to fool the masses yet he keeps siphoning govt funds and tax payers money under various guise ranging from inflated LPOs to fraudulent allowances.

  4. In fact I am now in EFCC Maximum Prison. I hope this breaking news makes you guys happy.

  5. we learnt some comrades (past leaders from outside DLA)who
    should know better have compromised by accepting LPO bribes to
    scuttle the legitimate struggle of DLA workers against the tyranny
    of Mr Igbini.Where therefore is the solidarity that was the
    hallmark of such struggles in the past?My advice to them is that
    that money you collected from Mr Igbini is not a secret because Mr
    Igbini is not good at keeping such issues secret(in fact he counts
    them as credit and not secret) and it is loaded with curses and the
    wrath of God because the entire staff of DLA are
    groaning,sweating,weeping and bleeding under that bribe.Be

  6. Its been reported on news that NLC and TUC came to his aid once again and he was given another opportunity to … .Well,you have done well to broker peace here but I have my reservation about the communique he signed because I do not see Mr Igbini following due process.I feel for the staff of DLA whose careers are daily being toyed with and the NLC and TUC who may have to dedicate a greater part of their valuable time to secure his sojourn in DLA..I can assure you that you will have a hectic time this year if you intend to enforce his compliance to this seemingly simple agreement-complince to due process.WATCH OUT FOR HIS ACTION AND REACTION CONCERNING THE COMMUNIQUE THAT LED TO THE SUSPENSION OF THE STRIKE AND YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU WERE NEVER PART OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.WATCH OUT!

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