By Austen Akhagbeme:

There’s no denying the fact that Edo State is in dire need of purposeful and people-oriented governance, devoid of intra and inter-party crises that distract and takes the government far away from the people.

The Politics of Vendetta, ego and acrimony that Edo state has become in the past seven years needs to give way to purposefulness and peace that breeds development in the state.

It is against this backdrop that all hands must be on deck to support a trusted and tested personality whose vision is to ensure the general good and welfare of the greatest number of Edo state’s already pauperised citizens, seething with discontent.

Dr Azemhe Azena, a well-known philanthropist, clergyman and youth-centric advocate, is offering to provide the “missing link” that will endear governance to the good people of Edo State under the platform of the Labour Party.

Here’s a man that exudes passion for service with intentional goals to turn the state around in all its ramifications. Having lived and schooled in Edo for all his adult life, Dr Azemhe understands the needs of the common people vis-a-vis the hypocrisy of the government’s vain promises to ameliorate them.

Talking with Dr Azemhe gives you an overwhelming impression of a rebel with a cause, seeking an opportunity to unleash his developmental ideas in building a robust agricultural sector by taking advantage of the vast natural opportunities of arable land that favours the cultivation of certain crops on which we have a comparative advantage as a state, on a commercial level.

His vast knowledge and experience in youth development and empowerment over the years within and outside the state put him on a higher pedestal to deploy such passion and experience to develop the people through the instrumentality of the state on a larger scale when given the opportunity.

The deplorable state of health care in Edo state did not escape his prying eyes. His observation through personal research shows the lack of medical personnel in our hospitals and an unbelievable Doctor-to patient-ratio, especially in Edo North, where he hails from.

This is the time for a political rebirth and sober introspection in the management of our political affairs and governance in Edo state. We can not afford to hand it over again to those whose stock in trade is to divide the citizenry while weaponizing governance to underdevelop the state.

This is why we zoom in on Azemhe to come to our rescue in Edo state, under the platform of the Labour Party ( LP) in 2024. May the will of the people prevail.

  • Austen Akhagbeme is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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