Akpobokaemi commends Okoloba Federated Community in Bomadi for initiating Multipurpose Hall/Skills Acquisition Centre

-By Harrison Akamule:

The Senior Special Assistant to Delta State Governor on Youth Development and Research Dr. Davids Akpobokaemi commended the Chairman, Okoloba Federated Community in Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State for being thoughtful to have initiated Multipurpose Hall / Skills Acquisition Centre.

Below  were his words. 

In his words “The multipurpose hall/Skills Acquisition Centre is a well idea, it has being in offering for a very long time as rightly said by the Community Chairman . The old hall that is almost falling apart, is a byproduct of cultural Group in Okoloba Community who by virtue of their dancing skills were able to put money together to build it years’ ago. Right from our primary school, the old structure was there , the hall  was existing before we all started our primary, finished and left”

“The hall does not meet the requirements of modern society because population has tripled men women all that, than there is need to have a befitting hall and of course skill acquisition has to come in because of the time that we are because our people actually in need of skills to enhance social economic development “

“This project when completed, first, it will enhance sense of belonging to all Okoloba sons and daughters because this the centre , Oge ground the founder of Okoloba Community, so this is the nucleus of Okoloba therefore, it will afford us coming together all time to have conducive atmosphere to continuously interface on how to forge ahead as a community in terms of our social economic development, cultural heritage to promote it and at course to also articulate political integration in the local government and of course, in the state.So it is a star project and a welcome development”

“I give kudos to the Chairman and his executive to have come up with the project at this critical time, In term of completion, Dr. Davids Akpobokaemi said like it is done in other places, it is not everything that government has to be solely responsible or government must initiate, development can be initiated by people, and government can come in to enhance facilitate, fast track, so for this project, the Community has initiated it, we are hoping, strongly on well meaning sons and daughters of Okoloba Community both those in diaspora would be able to contribute very very effectively in terms  of finance (funding) to assist the Community EXCO in completing the project, and also looking forward to assistance that can come from critical stakeholders in political super space and of course, if government comes in at the critical juncture, it will also seriously enhance the funding. Those critical areas  are open which the Community is hoping on to complete it within record time”

“He thanked the Community chairman for his focus and purposeful leadership, because the project has been in the drawing board for longtime, but in his time as chairman, he has being able to start it and made it a tangible thing that everyone can see. He advised him to keep up the pace , he should  not lose focus and not be discouraged. Starting a project is very demanding because of funds and other things but since he has started a good job, he can be assured that the Community is going to be behind him. The necessary funding and other assistance he need would be given to him ” Dr. Akpobokaemi the Senior Special Assistant to Delta State Governor on Youth Development and Research said.

Earlier, the Okoloba Federated Community Chairman, Mr Ebiboloemi Bidi took the Delta State Governor’s Aide round the Multipurpose Hall / Skills Acquisition and gave reason why he has to start the project at this critical time.

In his words “I am building the multipurpose Hall/ Skill Acquisition Centre in order to meet the modern needs  of the society such as library, promotion of our cultural heritage etc. according to him the over 50 years  building that was used as town hall, was owned by cultural Group existed years’ ago does not befitting hence we are putting on this structure which is going to cost the Community about fifty million naira (#50, 000, 000).”

“He said it is the responsibility of all sons and daughters of the Community, he noted that starting is a project good, but completing it is most important and fulfilling “Says Ebiboleami Bidi, Okoloba Federated Community Chairman.

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