Israel should stop  Propaganda that Palestine are under Hamas captivity – Envoy

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdallah Abu Shawesh, has asked Israel to stop promoting the narrative that it was in Gaza to free Palestine and the rest of the world from Hamas terrorism, insisting that at no time had Palestine asked to be freed from Hamas.

He equally said that at no time had Hamas had expedition in any country outside the Middle East as it’s activities has been targeted at Israel and aimed at liberating territories occupied by Israel.

The envoy, who spoke at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday said the Palestinians have never been under the captivity of the movement.

“We are not under the captivity of Hamas, it’s Israel’s excuse to justify their occupation.

“Is it that to free me, you will kill me? If that is a way to help the Palestinians, we can’t accept it.”

The envoy explained that Hamas, like other organisations in Palestine, were resisting the Israeli occupation, arguing that Hamas had never attacked any other country.

Shawesh said the Palestinians had never solicited Israel’s help to free them from Hamas, pointing out that Hamas was created 20 years after Israel’s occupation, noting that the present action of Israel in Gaza was part of the Masterplan to push the Palestinians out of Gaza.

He noted that it s now over a month since Israel declared its war against Hamas, but there have been relentless bombardments which have deprived the entire population of all their basic needs for survival.

“It’s a very dangerous stage, where we have become used to counting the numbers of the slaughtered people, home destructions, injuries, and so on and so forth, without any emotional feeling towards the victims.

“The death toll among the Palestinians in Gaza exceeded 10500, 4800 are children and 2550 are women, while the injured 24808. 2660 still missing under the rubble, and 1270 are children.

“According to the UN 70% of the Palestinian people became internally displaced persons. All these are not mere numbers, they are shattered dreams, hopes and aspirations,” he said.

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