Kashim Shettima: When Dino Maleya, Reno Omokri sing for drop of grains

By: James Bwala:

Dino Melaye has always had a flamboyant attitude, both in his private and professional life. We just hope that he matures to be as white as the beard that sat on their chins. A sign that he should have reached adulthood by the time he was meant to. The identical white beard was resting on his colleague, and the identical bird was also scanning the political firmament of Nigeria for a grain on the sand.

According to Hussaini Yola in a video that went viral during Atiku’s visit to Yola before the campaigns, claimed that he (Hussaini) and Dino Melaye were friends, who used to take weeds and recently, the most disgraced Nigerian senator in the country’s political history has come out to prove to the world that Indeed, Hissaini Yola has spoken the truth. This makes it normal for Dino Melaye to stand on a political podium to denigrate himself once more, when he lacks the words to tell the people to sell his Boss’s candidature ahead of the February 25, 2023 general elections.

The video of Dino Melaye at one of his campaign rallies, playing his typical role of a wayward boy who abandoned his mother’s upbringing in order to embrace shame, leaving his mother wondering what she had given birth to, was rather mocking to the entire Kogi west, which he had previously represented.


Many people laughed as they remembered the disgusting situation when Dino Malaye knew he had run out of things to say to persuade the public about the candidate he was standing for and, like a child who had given up on a fight, ran home hurt and barked. His speeches further put the PDP on a tray like he did with the groundnut on his head in one of his moments to mock the Nigerian people.

Dino Melaye goes into further detail about his reasons for remaining a persistent student at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. Instead of emulating Kashim Shettima’s speech to the Emir of Daura and continuing to inform the rally attendees about the APC’s strategy for appealing to the Nigerian people, he took the incorrect path, acting in a charlatan-like manner. There are several ways to distinguish an intelligent personality from a shrinking marginal cost that Dino Melaye has shaped himself into. Whether he agrees with the realities that distinguish him from Kashim Shettima or not, the reality that Dino Malaye watches movies while Kashim Shettima studies books is the foundation on which they function.

However, Reno Omokri, who is his cousin in politics and is traveling to London to gain recognition for the PDP, seems to be feeding the white people with anecdotes about onions and cucumbers rather than waiting for them to inquire about events in Nigeria. In a video that is currently circulating, Reno discussed the kidnapping of the Chibok girls and claimed Kashim Shettima was responsible.

He was referring to the kidnapping of the 276 Chibok School Girls by Boko Haram in the southern Borno region of northeastern Nigeria’s Chibok local government area. Prior to this, Senator Dino Melaye, the PDP spokesman, had insulted Senator Kashim Shettima in relation to the kidnapping of the Chibok girls by terrorists who were still exalting their triumphs in battle some 14 years after Mohammed Yusuf’s execution that marked the beginning of the insurgency.

Senator Kashim Shettima maintains his composure throughout all of this, allowing them to state what they have heard and read from people that are neither now in Borno nor have access to the stories of what actually transpired. But the moment has come for mediocre people like those who openly show their ignorance about the incident or who purposely chose to make Kashim Shettima the scapegoat in this militarized expedition that ended the hopes and dreams of several people who are still held captive.


When Kashim Shettima vowed to speak up, he was restrained because he knew that if he did, heads will roll for revealing what he knew about the conflict and the role that politics played in the Chibok Girls’ kidnapping by the ruling party at the time.

Dino Melaye and Reno Omokri both held positions as a legislator and an assistant to the president at this time. Can they describe the steps they took to prevent the charlatans from kidnapping the Chibok Girls for ransom to Nigerians? Or would they claim, in their capacity as legislator and advisor, that they are unaware that the military withdrew three days prior to the incident and Nigerian Journalists working in Maiduguri had reported from a letter released by the insurgents about their intention to attack Chibok town on the specified date? Who is the military’s commander? Shettima or Jonathan?

When the crime was committed and 276 Chibok girls were abducted, what action did these committed people take in the form of legislation and assistance to support the government of Borno state at the time, led by Kashim Shettima, in order to exert pressure on the federal government, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, to secure the release of these innocent schoolgirls whose future they used to trade in political games?

Why are they looking to Kashim Shettima as a scapegoat when they know that it was actually the federal government’s failing that caused the situation? With only three days’ warning, journalists in Borno state have already reported for the Daily Trust, Nigerian Tribune, Leadership Newspaper, and a large number of other publications from other media outlets.

Reno in London was quoting a letter purportedly written by Nysome Wike, who is currently the governor of Rivers state and was previously the state’s minister of education, to the Borno administration. However, he never informed his audience about the federal government’s actions at the time when the media accurately reported the approaching risks according to the attackers’ estimates of time. It takes about one and a half hours to go from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, to Chibok, which is only 117 kilometers away.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration saw the Boko Haram battle as a potential Hollywood blockbuster. Dino Malaye and Reno Omokri, who are currently trending on the topic, never found a cause to support the government of Borno state at the time. In some places around the world and on political platforms today, they are consuming the remains of blood, death, and ashes.

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