Kenya Denies Involvement In Arrest, Extradition Of Kanu

-Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –From Mike SOGBOLO:

KENYA High Commissioner to Nigeria, Amb. Wilfred Machage has denied the involvement of his home government in the extradition of leader of disbanded Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu’s family had earlier made an allegation that the IPOB leader was extradited from Kenya through the aid of Kenya government.

Addressing a press conference on Friday in Abuja, the Kenyan High Commissioner to Nigeria, Wilfred Machage said: “I want to address this allegation by denying that Kenya was involved in the alleged arrest in Kenya and extradition to Nigeria of Mr. Kanu. To us therefore these allegations are fictional, imaginary and deliberately concerted to fuel antagonistic feelings among certain section of the Nigerian people.”

He added that: “I want to challenge anyone with facts relating to this alleged arrest in Kenya to present those facts. This includes when, where, how and who was particularly involved in the alleged arrest.”

He said the government and people of Kenya are also disturbed, dismayed and astonished by the unfortunate statement on this alleged arrest in Kenya which was carried in one of the national dailies.

He added: “The Government of Kenya is particularly appealed by the spurious, derogatory and libelous mention of our dear President on this matter as has been reported.”

“I, as the High Commissioner of the Republic of Kenya to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, wish to categorically emphasize that our two countriesKenya and Nigeria have and continues to enjoy cordial diplomatic relations with both the Federal Government of Nigeria and its great accommodating and amiable citizens,” Machage said.

He noted that Kenya is committed to sustaining the historical bond of friendship between the two countries and further cement diplomatic relations with the view of ensuring beneficial relations.

He urged that Kenya should not be dragged into the issue as she has no question to answer but rather that the citizens of Nigeria should approach the Nigerian government for explanation of where Kanu was arrested from.

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