NSCDC will Collaborate with Other Security Agencies for Hitch-Free 2023 Elections- Audi

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ahmed Audi has expressed the determination of the Corps to collaborate with other security agencies to ensure free, fair and credible elections in 2023.

Speaking at the 2nd Commandant General’s Conference in Abuja on Thursday, Audi said: “Let me remind us all that the prevailing security situation has made it mandatory for us to redouble our efforts as we gradually approach the electioneering campaign season leading up to the 2023 general elections. This is the time for us to begin to tighten our seat belt and as the “Chief Pilot”, it is my duty to ensure that I provide the needed guide, leadership and direction as we collaborate and synergize with our Sister Agencies and other Stakeholders to deliver to Nigerians, a free, fair and credible elections come year 2023. If we must succeed in this regard, the time to start the necessary preparation is now.”

He added that: “This conference present us opportunity to appraise and present before the public, our performance in the last three (3) months of the year. It will also afford us the opportunity to identify our strengths and weakness, review our strategies and work out modalities for better and improved performance.”

Audi while commending the efforts and commitment of his men in safeguarding critical national infrastructures, said: As we continue to steadily and gradually take appropriate steps in our collective efforts to deliver on our mandate. We are not oblivious of the challenge ahead of us in the face of the prevailing security situation, but with our collective resolve, avowed commitment and dedication, we will surely surmount all and impact positively in fostering that much desired safe and secure environment to engender peace and socioeconomic development.”

He noted that the prevailing security situation in the country has made it mandatory for officers and men of the NSCDC to redouble their efforts as the nation gradually approach the electioneering campaign season leading up to the 2023 general elections.

He said to succeed in ensuring hitch-free elections in 2023, “We must begin to deploy new strategies in tackling the spate of insecurity in the land, if we must effectively protect the masses during upcoming electioneering campaigns as well as the electorates, electoral materials and the electoral umpires at the period of elections from any form of attack or danger in the course of their duties.

“The situation we have found ourselves calls for serious and appropriate measures at this critical time in our checkered history as a nation. We should have at the back of our minds that a secure and resilient electoral process is of vital National interest.”

He charged his men to therefore remain resilient and committed to working collaboratively with sister security agencies and other stakeholders while remaining agile and steadfast to manage the risks thrown up by events leading to the upcoming election and be combat ready to protect the citizens and secure the nation’s critical national assets and Infrastructure against new and evolving threats.

He said: “As security agency of Government, we play a very critical and vital role in checkmating and prevention of violence while ensuring effective protection in all the phases leading to the general elections to consolidate our democracy and democratic process.
We must therefore be proactive and take necessary steps toward tackling the challenges of insecurity as we embark on this all important journey towards ensuring a free, fair and credible elections.”

He also reminded Nigerians that security is everybody’s business, adding that: “We must therefore rise up to assist Security Agencies with credible and actionable intelligence that could aid in checkmating and addressing the spate of insecurity in the Country.”

He assured that every piece of information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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