“… Says 5/5 Crusade Is Epileptic – Prof. Akpotu.”

-By Jubilant Igelige, JP

The President General of Isoko Development Union (IDU), Prof. Chris Akpotu has disclosed that Isoko ethnic nationality cannot afford to miss the Delta South Senatorial seat in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

He made the disclosure while interracting with the Edo chapter of IDU members in Benin City few days ago, adding that, as a nationality, we must be weary of “Political Crumbs” that is being deliberately shared to us with a view to impeding Isoko economic growth.

Akpotu, who by virtue of his position remains the number one citizen of Isoko nation said, the plausible resolution on the Senatorial seat by Isoko people in conference of December 2021, was the reason Isoko Traditional Rulers Council exercised “sheer willpower,” throwing impeccable support behind Hon. Thomas Joel Onowoakpo in the contest, noting that the project is Isoko, not individual. He gave assurance that despite having few dissenting voices, yet believing they will join the campaign vanguard before the election.

According to the erudite Professor of Management Sciences, the selection and/or choice of Joel Onowoakpo to run the Senatorial race, in All Progressives Congress, after wickedly depriving the PDP aspirant, Sir. Ayodele Oghogho Othihiwa, is for a divine purpose, as the incoming political Messiah to salvage Isoko nation from the perceived demonic relegation we have being in the last 20years, saying that, the position of the kings on the Senatorial matter is non negotiable, irreversible and ever ready to mobilize support for Joel Onowoakpo because deceit and oppression is a sin before God.

“Recall that December 26, 2022, Isoko Traditional Rulers specifically offered Joel Onowoakpo prayers at Isoko Unity Hall, IDU Secretariat, Oleh. The prayers, dignity and authority demonstrated by the kings connotes acceptance and victory of Onowoakpo, as well as panacea for doubting Thomases, having dissenting actions, he said.

“Party is supreme slogan is no longer fashionable in the current political syllabus. The era wherein ‘olodos’ are being given patronage, as against equity is unethical. The party’s antiquated slogan of 5/5 cannot and will not sway eligible voters, on the ground that the electorates are well informed now. In a clime, where peoples’ choice and decision is grossly maligned, 5/5 become alien in election matters. In the system where people promote and prefer mediocrity to excellence, 5/5 becomes an abominable crime. An environment where injustice and lack of fairplay is openly displayed with impunity, 5/5 is mandatorily swept under the carpet. In a transition where some ethnic nationality benefit hugely without equitable recourse and distribution of the common wealth, voting 5/5 becomes a soured sermon to preach. Asking people to vote 5/5 in an electioneering season of imbalance is like running a football commentary without a football match.

“Prof. Akpotu emphasised that, though IDU is apolitical, we cannot remain docile and indecisive in a political context where decisions and interest are trampled upon, noting that, as a people, we must right the wrong with our thumb in order to create an enduring political sanctity. Therefore, party supremacy is no longer tenable under the current political dispensation, he added.

“Basically, as drivers of the Isoko exalted Senatorial vision, we have been so empowered by the Isoko people to make a roll call and effectively preach the good news to check the sincerity of support, stressing that, as conscientious leaders, he must continue to sensitize the people on the danger of any mischievous actions. In the present NIGERIA political condition, there is going to be a fundamental voting protest, as universally perceived even in the ruling party, thereby giving room to accusations and counter accusations. Going forward, in the face of the current political quagmire, IDU will not be a “political chameleon,” PG added.

Finally, it is nice to say that, the political chess game is ongoing and Isoko for Senate Is possible. He called on eligible voters in Delta South to partner with Isoko nation to address the injustice.
Isoko Traditional Rulers Council praying for Joel Onowoakpo, is directly requesting all Isoko sons/daughters to reconsider the Isoko Senatorial position and leave the “political shell” for the sake of the growth of Isoko Nation, because prayers do not replace work. At the moment, we have very competent, experienced and knowledgeable Delta South Senatorial candidate, in the person of Hon. Thomas Joel Onowoakpo, the man with the unbeatable credentials and speech prowess. Being apolitical does not take our sense of good reasoning and direction. It is chiefly an opportunity that does not recognize 5/5 sermon, Akpotu concluded.

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