BAYOKO lauds past, present Govt, HoS for support in upholding core principles of Civil Service

Salutes Civil Servants for being shining examples

 -By Harrison Akamule:

Delta State Head of Service, Mr. Reginald Bayoko, has expressed his deep appreciation to both past and present state Governors and Heads of Service for their stanch support and cooperation in upholding the core principles of the civil service, which prioritize unwavering service to the public.

Mr. Bayoko who acknowledged the instrumental role of past leaders of the State in enabling the civil service to uphold its fundamental virtues of serving the public at all times, noted that their continuous support had been crucial in ensuring that the civil service remains dedicated to its duty of delivering effective and efficient services to the people of Delta State.

In reflecting on the past 32 years of the State Civil Service’s existence, the Delta HoS attributed its remarkable efficiency and effectiveness to a series of deliberate policies, strategic capacity building initiatives, and optimal utilization of available resources.

While emphasizing that these efforts, implemented by various administrations since the creation of the state in 1991, had contributed significantly to the growth and success of the civil service, adding that “through these measures, the civil service has been able to adapt to evolving challenges and meet the ever-changing needs of the state and its citizens”.

“The Delta State Civil Service, under the guidance and support of past and present State Governors and Heads of Service, stands as a beacon of excellence.” Mr. Bayoko said.

On the occasion of the State’s 32nd creation anniversary, Mr. Bayoko also took the opportunity to laud the commitment of the civil service workforce and commended them for exhibiting a high level of dedication to their duties.

Expressing admiration for their tireless efforts in contemplating ways to best serve the people of the State around the clock, Mr. Bayoko stated that their unwavering commitment and diligent work ethics had been vital in ensuring that the civil service remained responsive, proactive, and focused on delivering quality services to the citizens.

Furthermore, Mr. Bayoko acknowledged that the contributions of the civil service workforce extend beyond their individual roles, adding that their collective efforts strengthen and add value to the civil service as a whole. 

While commending the Delta State civil service for its commendable standing among civil services across the federation, the Head of Service averred that the Delta State civil service stands as a shining example within the federation, and affirmed its noteworthy performance as the administrative arm of the government.

He expressed optimism that the civil service would continue to play a pivotal role in the development and progress of the state, even as he affirmed that as the administrative arm of the government, the civil service would remain steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality services, upholding transparency, and fostering good governance principles.

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