CIPPON President advocates survival strategies in evolving printing industry

In a recent address, Ambassador (Dr) Niyi Adesoye, the President and Chairman-in-Council of the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON), underscored a set of essential strategies vital for survival in the dynamic landscape of the printing industry in 2024.
Adesoye emphasized that success in the printing sector requires a nuanced amalgamation of technical expertise, business acumen, and a creative edge. He articulated several key points aimed at guiding professionals through the intricacies of the industry.
Adesoye stressed the paramount importance of staying abreast of the latest technological trends. Professionals were urged to actively participate in industry conferences, keep themselves updated through reputable printing publications—placing special emphasis on sources such as ‘WhereToPrint’ magazine—and cultivate connections within the professional network to ensure continuous awareness and adaptability to technological shifts.
The CIPPON President highlighted the imperative of quality as the bedrock of success in the printing industry. Professionals were encouraged to maintain the highest standards in their work, advocating strategic investments in state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials. Adesoye affirmed that such commitment to quality is an investment that invariably paves the way for future prosperity.
Adesoye emphasized the indispensability of a well-structured business plan for navigating the competitive printing industry. He urged professionals to meticulously identify their target market, formulate effective marketing strategies, and establish realistic goals, outlining these as crucial components to drive the growth of their printing enterprises.
Recognizing the pivotal role of a skilled workforce, Adesoye urged professionals to assemble a team of qualified and CIPPON certified experts. The commitment of this team to delivering high-quality work, he stated, aligns with the overarching vision of the printing business and forms the bedrock for sustained success.
Highlighting the inherent tie between the printing industry and creativity, Adesoye encouraged professionals to fearlessly embrace innovation. He endorsed the experimentation with novel ideas and techniques, fostering a continuous quest for improvement. The ability to innovate, he stressed, stands as a key differentiator in the fiercely competitive realm of printing.
Ambassador (Dr) Niyi Adesoye concluded his address with a call to professionals in the printing industry to adopt and implement these strategies, positioning them on the path to resilience and success in the ever-evolving landscape of print technology.

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