Group Appeals to Tinubu for Appointment of New Auditor General from North – East

The North East Peoples Solidarity Front (NEPSF) has made an appeal to President Bola Tinubu to appoint a new Auditor General for the Federation from the North-East geo-political zone.

In a statement jointly signed by President Comrade Gabriel Michi and Secretary Comrade Mahmood Rufai, the group while acknowledging that the recruitment process for the position of Auditor General for the Federation was fair and transparent. They stated that after a thorough and competitive process, the best candidates were recommended based on merit, but however lamented that since the nation’s independence, the North-East geo-political zone has never had the opportunity to occupy the exalted position.

They presented historical data, indicating that the office has been held by individuals from the South-West (six occupants), South-East (two occupants), South-South (three occupants), and North-Central (one occupant).

The data however showed no candidate from the North-East or North-West has previously held the position.

The group expressed concern that the recently appointed Accountant General of the Federation was from the South-West, and they believed that for the sake of national interest, justice, and fairness, the position of Auditor General for the Federation should be filled by a candidate from the North-East, which has never been represented in the role since independence.

NEPSF urged President Tinubu to intervene in the recruitment process to prevent undue influence and manipulation by certain vested interests. They requested the President’s approval and submission of the name of the top candidate recommended by merit to the Senate for confirmation as Auditor General for the Federation.

Meanwhile, the group expressed gratitude to the President in anticipation of his fatherly intervention, acknowledging that appointing the most qualified candidate would demonstrate the administration’s commitment to probity and transparency in managing the nation’s public finances.

They also prayed for the President’s wisdom, courage, and strength in administering the country and addressing the case in question in the spirit of fairness, justice, and peace.

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