In Loving Memory of My Dear Mother, By Augustine Osayande

On the serene morning of July 30th, 1988, as the sun cast its gentle rays upon the Earth, a tight-knit family basked in the tranquil serenity. Little did they know, a profound metamorphosis awaited, poised to reshape their existence. Within this affectionate family, I, the youngest among them, held a deep longing, yearning for a profound bond with my cherished mother. Remarkably, destiny appeared to sense this desire, and an extraordinary synchronicity enveloped us, setting the stage for a poignant and intimate meal that was about to unfold.
With anticipation in the air, the family gathered eagerly around the dining table in the quaint village of Oheze-Naka, nestled within the Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State. Each member recognized the significance of this occasion, cherishing the opportunity to share a meal with their cherished matriarch. Laughter, tender conversations, and the melodious clinking of utensils created a symphony of familial love, interwoven with the aroma of the food that nourished not only their bodies but also their souls.

In that fleeting moment of unity, the bonds within the family grew stronger, etching memories that would forever resonate within their collective consciousness. They reveled in the simple joys of life—conversations filled with anecdotes, shared dreams, and mutual affection. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary meal would become an indelible marker, standing as the final chapter of their shared culinary experiences.
However, as the sun ascended toward its zenith, casting elongated shadows in its wake, an unforeseen calamity shattered the tranquility that had enveloped their lives. The distant sound of urgency, carried by the wind, reached the ears of the youngest family member. It was the frantic shouts of their older brother, an unsettling chorus of desperation, urging them to hasten back home.
With a racing heart, the youngest rushed towards the source of the commotion, a cloud of foreboding descending upon them, casting darkness upon their world. Unbeknownst to them, the weight of tragedy hung heavily in the air. A sense of impending sorrow clung to their every step, growing more burdensome with each passing second. Their reality was about to be irreversibly shattered.
Upon arriving at their family abode, their brother’s grief-stricken and disbelieving face conveyed volumes before any words were spoken. The youngest listened, trembling, as the devastating news unfolded. Their beloved mother, Mrs. Ona Osayande, the beacon of warmth and love, had departed from this world, leaving behind an agonizing void that could never be filled.
The realization crashed upon them like an overwhelming tidal wave, stripping away the innocence and joy they had embraced just hours earlier. A profound sense of loss, anguish, and disbelief gripped their heart, leaving them numb, unable to comprehend the cruel twist of fate that had so abruptly snatched their mother from their lives.
Today, as I reflect on the passing of 35 years since you departed this earthly realm, emotions overwhelm me. Though the pain of losing you still lingers, I find solace in the countless beautiful memories we shared together. You were not merely a mother to me; you were my guiding light, my source of strength, and my best friend. Your unwavering love and support nurtured me, shaping the person I have become. From the earliest moments of my life, you embraced the role of a loving mother with open arms, and your dedication knew no bounds. Your wise words echoed in my mind during times of struggle, providing me with the courage to persevere. Your gentle touch reassured me in moments of doubt, reminding me that I was never alone.
Mum, your selflessness and compassion were unparalleled. You devoted your life to caring for others, even those unrelated to you, showering us all with warmth and affection. Your love extended beyond the boundaries of our immediate family, reaching out to those in need and brightening their lives with your kind heart. You taught me the value of kindness, empathy, and generosity, traits that I strive to embody every day. Your acts of love were not confined to our home; you touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to know you.
As the years have passed, I have come to appreciate the depth of your character even more. You faced adversity with grace, never allowing it to diminish the inner light that shone so brightly within you. Your resilience in the face of challenges serves as a constant reminder to persevere and never lose hope. Your unwavering faith in the goodness of the world inspired me to see beyond difficulties and embrace life with optimism.
Although I wish I could have shared more of my life with you, I take comfort in knowing that you continue to live on in my heart. Your love and spirit remain a guiding force, illuminating my path and reminding me of the importance of cherishing every moment. The lessons you taught me are etched into my very being, shaping my decisions and actions. Your memory fuels my determination to live a life that honors the values you instilled in me.
Today, I honor you, dear mother, by celebrating your life and the profound impact you had on me and those around you. Your memory will forever be etched in my soul, and I will strive to make you proud every day. As I navigate life’s challenges, I find strength in knowing that you are watching over me, guiding me from above. Your unconditional love continues to be a guiding light, comforting me in moments of darkness and encouraging me to reach for the stars.
Years have passed, and as the youngest child, I carry the weight of that fateful day forever marked by the fleeting happiness of our last meal together, mother. Through the depths of sorrow, I have emerged with a profound understanding of the fragility of life, holding tightly to the memories and lessons imparted by our dear mother. Though physically absent, her spirit will forever guide and inspire us, reminding us to embrace each passing moment.
Thank you, dear mother, for everything you were and still are to me. Though the years may continue to pass, the love we shared will endure for eternity. As I carry your legacy forward, I promise to pass on the love, compassion, and wisdom you bestowed upon me. Your spirit lives on in me, and as I embark on the journey of life, I am forever grateful to have had you as my mother. Until we meet again, may you rest in eternal peace, knowing that you are loved beyond measure.

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