KACRAN Commends NEDC on Contributions Towards Prosperity of North East

The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has acknowledged the North East Development Commission (NEDC) as a pivotal force for progress and prosperity in the Northeast region.

KACRAN noted that since its inception, the NEDC has operated under the stewardship of distinguished leadership, with a singular focus on driving the Commission’s success, insisting that it has put out unprecedented contributions towards augmenting the policies and programmes initiated by the Federal Government, which have been vital to the region’s advancement over the past four decades.

The National President of the association, Khalil Bello said: “KACRAN wishes to highlight the multifaceted role of the Commission across various sectors of human and social development. The NEDC’s commitment is evident in its support for security operations through the provision of utility vehicles and essential materials, which have significantly bolstered the fight against insurgency. This support has led to marked improvements in regional security, with the North East no longer being characterized as the epicenter of insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria.

“The Commission’s proactive stance on matters critical to regional security and the welfare of its inhabitants is a testament to its potential as a transformative entity for the North East and its people.”

He said: “KACRAN is pleased to report on the NEDC’s openness to consider submissions from a diverse range of stakeholders, including state governors, local government councils, educational institutions, media, and various organizations committed to enhancing regional security and development. This inclusive approach has catalyzed the reconstruction of schools and healthcare facilities, as well as the establishment of new ones.”

He added that: “Recently, governors from the six states of the region requested the NEDC’s assistance in renovating and rebuilding educational institutions, aiming to alleviate the financial burden on state governance.

“KACRAN itself has benefited from the NEDC’s assistance through the provision of relief materials, water sources, and livestock feed, as well as support for members affected by cattle rustling or insurgency.”

The association commended the Commission for its equitable policy implementation, which has addressed initial concerns of potential marginalization, ensuring that the pastoralist community — a significant demographic in the region — receives its fair share of benefits from the Commission’s extensive development programmes.

He said: “KACRAN firmly believes that the NEDC’s dedication to integrity, justice, and unwavering commitment to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision will herald a new era of revitalization for the North East. The Commission’s inclusive approach promises to honor the diversity of the region’s populace, encompassing residents in urban, rural, and remote areas.

“In light of these developments, KACRAN calls upon His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to consider increasing the NEDC’s annual budget. This will empower the Commission’s esteemed governing board to continue its vital work in reconstruction, development, and support for internally displaced persons who have suffered immensely due to insurgency.”

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