POEM: The Songs You Sang
The Songs You Sang

1967 – 2018

Ikeogu died
The epitaph he wrote stole our prophesy
Of agelessness and ripen longevity
Did the spirits tell him of his departure
And he could not negoiate his stay?

How early it is to join the sacred sanctuary
Where Wilcot and Gordiner stay
Would they not question your presence
And ask of your mentors who
Were taken aback by your exit?

When Sunny, our friend told me of your departure
I said, How can?
What happened to the legendary pendant?
The one the wall gecko gave me
And Sunny took from me

Why did you not tell him about your
Conversation with the gods? The pendant
That defied the gods. And here I am
I did not see you in my dreams
Great dreamers get blank

When great poets are about to depart
The potent charm in your small gourde
Still sing your songs and chant
Your esoteric words
Who will interpret them for us?

Those songs that only the gods dance
Who will interpret them for us?
Only Sunny, but he is knocked
Down by his grief

Would you for once wake with
Your flutes and sing us a departing song?

*AZUA ALONU, Poet and Vice Chairman Delta Literary Forum      

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