State of the Nation: Group Calls on FG to Convene a National Conference

An online coalition of Muslim Professionals, the No Dull Moment in Islam World wide (NDMIWW), has strongly advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to convoke another national conference where Nigerians across all sentiments will discuss the state of the nation.

The group stated this after a one-day discourse on issues affecting the polity and resolved to advice the Federal Government to put together the committee.

A communique signed by its spokesperson, Pharmacist Hassan Sulayman, stated that the committee should consist of a representatives of all ethnic, political and religious groups in the country.

According to the communique, such conference will have only one agenda, “Nigeria: To Live or To Leave”.

Apparently disturbed by the situation in the country, the group noted with concern that the level of conflicts, insecurity, and their concomitant confusion has reached an all-time peak which must be nipped in the bud.

The group said a situation where the country continues to be milked dry as resources grow with unacceptable commensurate poverty of the majority should not be tolerated.

“It is our strong view that if religious groups are allowed to rule themselves according to the tenets of their religion, penalties for crimes, especially corruption and brigandage would deter potential criminals and the consequent competition for sanity in either the neighbouring nations or federating units would not only produce peaceful progress and development but also deter potential criminals from vying for political offices.”, it added.

The group, however, added that the conference being advocated for will not in any way obstruct the parliamentary processes of the National Assembly nor will be another jamboree National Political Reform conference of 2005/2006 nor that of 2014 National Conference whose reports have been put in dustbin of history.

“Ours is focused and result oriented with only one agenda and with time frame of not more than three to six months”, It stressed

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