-By Austen Akhagbeme:

The recent coup d’etat in the Niger Republic and the potentially belligerent response by the sub-regional body, ECOWAS, is bringing to the fore a rebirth of pan- Africanist thoughts especially within the West Africa sub-region.

Colonialism and neo-colonialism especially in West Africa, are receiving a bash and a vicious ideological opposition now more than ever before. Fundamental Questions on the bestial European Conquest and Subjugation of West Africa especially the Francophone Nations are being asked especially by the emerging military leadership within the sub-region.

Something is been reawakened in the consciousness of the generality of every francophone Nationale in West Africa and this is the underlying music engendering the support of the Nigerien Military Junta in their faceoff with ECOWAS even now.

How did we get here? Whoever thought it possible that a day will come in the history of the former French Colonies when the colonised and subjects can rise to question their continuous forced economic and political dependence on France for a second?

Niger has started calling the bluff by severing the traditional relationship with France on matters of Aviation, military cooperation and the economy so soon. This is audacious and speaks volumes of the looming geopolitical novelties yet to be seen in this budding melodrama.

This unison in standing up against age-long neocolonial policies by the Francophone nations is sending melodious signals across the minds of many power blocs in Africa that have for long been seething with discontent and restrained by the alluring canopy of Western democracy and its numerous promises.

While the ECOWAS leadership is still in consultation on the bases of the expiration of the first ultimatum given to the Nigerien military junta to relinquish power, the rebirth of true nationalism and pan-Africanism is rampaging the minds of the younger generation of Africans who truly desire development and growth for Africa and Africans. There are more interesting days ahead.

  • Austen Akhagbeme is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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