Breaking News: APC Panics As PDP Leads For Fayose In Ekiti Guber Polls
Ayo Fayose (Oshokomole, Ekun-Oko Ekiti, Jogunomi 1 of Ekiti).
Ayo Fayose (Oshokomole, Ekun-Oko Ekiti, Jogunomi 1 of Ekiti).

The Ekiti guber polls seem to have reversed predictions by Nigeria’s foremost opposition party, All Progressive Congress (APC) as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) coasts home victory for former governor, Ayo Fayose (Oshokomole, Ekun-Oko Ekiti, Jogunomi 1 of Ekiti).

From the results received in the governorship elections in Ekiti, it is apparent that PDP’s Ayo Fayose is now the governor-elect of Ekiti state.

APC’s Kayode Fayemi who is the incumbent governor was widely expected to coast to an easy victory based on his performance in the past four years but Fayose who is a former governor of the state still remains hugely popular in the state.

Polls results being announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ad hoc officials at the various polling units and wards across the 16 local government areas of Ekiti state have put the PDP governorship candidate, Ayo Fayose in a comfortable early lead position.

Reports reaching Blank NEWS Online revealed that Fayose has been on the lead in 12 out of the 16 local government areas of the state.

Results already announced at the polling units and wards across the state put Fayose far ahead of the incumbent Governor Kayode Fayemi. Some of the election results as reproduced below are however not official yet until INEC formally announces the result.

Iworoko Polling unit 008 DP – 109, APC – 63

Usi Ekiti Unit 009, Usi Grammar school : PDP-79, APC- 41, LP-3, Accord- 0, CPP- 1, PPA-1, PDC-2.

Ado LG, Unit 004 ward 004 : PDP- 199, APC-84, LP-21.

Iworoko ward 005 DP- 64, APC-37, LP-8.

Iworoko Ward 009 : PDP-78, APC-19, LP-10.

Okeyemi, Ward 005, Unit 11 : PDP- 162, APC, 57, LP-8.

Onikoye’s Palace IKLG, Unit 16: PDP- 78, APC-50, LP-5.

Erinmope ward 2 Unit 006: PDP- 47, APC-66, LP-4.

Imesi Ekiti Ward 5 Unit 003 : PDP-36, APC-46, LP-2, PDC-1, PPA-1, NCP- 1.

Methodist Polling Unit, Ifaki-Ekiti : PDP-51, APC-1, LP-1

Ikere Ekiti

Health Centre Ward 010 Unit 7: PDP- 270, APC-81, LP-6

Health Centre Ward 010 Unit 8: PDP- 252, APC-81, LP-18.

Ward 10 Okemesi:
Emiloju: PDP 59, APC 25

Saloro: PDP 26, APC 13

CAC: PDP 47, APC 18

Ita-Ode: PDP 36, APC 6

Adetoyinbo: PDP 67, APC 39

Town Hall: PDP 80, APC 45

Aro/Saba: PDP 40, APC 36

Obalekosi: PDP 74, APC 44

Ogborodo:PDP 47, APC 56

Obalogbo: PDP 58, APC 29

Akeji:PDP 3, APC 14

Kanmodi:PDP 11, APC 9

Ikole LGA:
Odo Oro:PDP 748, APC 564

Igbara Odo ward 8: Unit 02 PDP-75,APC-52, LP-7

Unit 11 PDP-73,APC-33 and LP-2

Unit06 PDP-70,APC-51 and LP-3.

Unit 09 PDP-68,APC-22, LP-5.

Unit 13A PDP-98,APC-55, LP-5.

Unit 13B PDP-108,APC-26, LP-8.

Ara Ekiti
Polling Unit 002
PDP 102, APC 32

Igbara – Odo Ekiti
Ward 8, Polling Unit 009
APC 32, LP 11, PDC 01, PDP 69

Polling Unit 008
PDP 62, APC 47, LP 2

Imesi Ekiti, Ward 5, Polling Unit 003
PDP 36, PDC 1, PPA 1, NPC 1, APC 4

Ilawe Ekiti: APC 12, PDP 69, LP 2

Ward 1, Polling Unit 1
PDP 46, APC 21

Eyio Ekiti
Polling Unit 001
PDP 72, APC 40

Polling Unit 002
PDP 102, APC 30

Polling Unit 003
PDP 67, APC 64

Polling Unit 004
PDP 93, APC 23, LP 5

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