Hospital Bombardment: Envoy Calls for Inquiry into Israeli’s Attacks on Palestine… Claims Over 3,000 Persons, Mostly Children, Women Killed Since Retaliatory Attacks

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh has called for the setting up of an inquiry into ongoing attack by Israel on Palestine on the claim of searching for members of Hamas group.

Israel while claiming that she is not in war with Palestine, had claim that the ongoing attack is aimed at fishing out members of Hamas that recently invaded her territory killing men and taking several others hostage.

As a fallout of the Israeli siege, a Baptist Hospital was hit by a rocket with over 500 Palestinian taking refuge killed.

The Palestinian Envoy while seeking a global condemnation of the Israeli siege on Palestine especially the killing at the hospital on Tuesday, said a body of inquiry on the said bomb which killed mostly women and children that took refuge in the hospital should be immediately be set up.

Shawesh, who spoke in Abuja on Wednesday, said the excesses of Israel cannot continuously be overlooked

He said no fewer than 3,000 people have died in Gaza since Israeli bombardment on Gaza following the surprise attack on Israel by the Hamas, the arm wing of the Palestinian country.

He expressed his country’s willingness to return to the round table on the land dispute with Israel so as to reach an amicable resolution.

He also defended the Hamas, saying it is a natural law for someone to resist occupation of one’s land.

The envoy also noted that his country was not surprise that United States is supporting Israel, lamenting that US had used their veto power on the Security Council 80 times, with more than half of it against the Palestinian people.

He argued that it was obvious that the attack on the hospital was from the Israeli force, noting that the denial was a second thought.

He said “it is very important for us to wait and to at least acknowledge that there was a bombardment from the Israeli occupation themselves,” adding that: “Let us create an international inquiry Commission to be established by the United Nations, Human Right Council and African Union to determine where the bombardment came from”.

He said that all the evidence on ground pointed to Israel, noting that Israel is in control of the airspace and are monitoring all the movements of the people in Gaza .

He therefore maintained that “International law must be respected, especially international humanitarian law and human rights law. “There should be no exception or impunity for Israel, and it should not be above the law.

“It is time for the international community to stand firm and united in support of the international law.”

He said: “For everyone around the world, raise your voice loudly at this historical juncture. If not you, then who? If not now, when?”

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