See How Hamas Terrorists Pluck Out Eyes Of Israeli Children, Parents Before Killing Them – Witness Reveals in Video

Read this prophecy of old in Amos 1: 6 and imagine what is currently playing out with the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

A video describing how Hamas terrorists kill families in Israel after breaking into their homes has triggered series of mixed reactions to the ongoing conflict.

Watch The Video Below:

In the video, an Israeli security personnel who witnessed the killing of a family explained how it happened.

According to him, the terrorists tortured the parents in front of their kids by cutting off their limbs; gouged out the eyes of everyone in the house and then shoot them with their hands tied behind their backs.

He also revealed that the terrorists will set up a dinning table where they will eat any food they find in the house while committing the barbaric act.

The now-viral video has heightened calls for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as death toll among innocent civilians rises. 

  • Courtesy: Opera News
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